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Author(s):American Council on Education
Title:Rewriting the Rules of the Game: State Funding, Accountability, and Autonomy in Public Higher Education
Date:October 2004
Organization:American Council on Education
Short Description:Second of two essays from The Futures Project on the relationship between states and public institutions. Discusses the roes of public institutions and state funding and the social compact of education as a public good.
Annotation:Essay that summarizes a 2004 roundtable discussion as part of The Futures Project. Discusses the changing relationship between states and public institutions and the implications for educational provision and access. As the social compact of education as a public good slowly breaks down, it has implications for funding and access. Written in 2004, the article resonates strongly in 2008. Notes that in "today's world higher education serves "more as an engine of economic development, ratehr than a driver of social mobility or civic responsibility." Discusses approachs to the problems identified. -NASSGAP MS
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