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         Organization Mission  
      The National Association of State Student Grant and Aid Programs (NASSGAP) is dedicated to the promotion, strengthening, encouragement and enhancement of high standards in the administration and operation of student grant and aid programs so that these programs shall be available to students in all states to expand and further postsecondary educational opportunities. NASSGAP's membership is drawn from single agencies in each state or territory which are responsible for state-funded student aid programs.  
      Organization Objectives  
      Section 1  
      To promote, strengthen, encourage and enhance high standards of performance in administration and operation of government-sponsored postsecondary student financial aid programs to the end that the benefits of these programs shall be available to students in all the states for the purpose of expanding and furthering postsecondary educational opportunities.  
      Section 2  
      To provide a forum for the development and exchange of information, ideas, policy positions, procedures and needs for student financial assistance for the benefit of member agencies and other organizations.  
      Section 3  
      To facilitate the development and exchange of information about state student employment programs.  
      Section 4  
      To establish and act as a collective voice of reasoned opinion before state, regional and national councils with respect to student financial aid programs whose objective is the furtherance of postsecondary education in the United States, including grants, scholarships, loans, college work study, and other forms of government-sponsored assistance to students. To consider, debate, decide positions, make recommendations and otherwise act as an advising body on such matters as, in the judgement of the Association, shall serve the objectives set forth in this article.  
      Section 5  
      To collaborate with other associations, councils and agencies in the interest of effective implementation of various federal, state and institutional student financial assistance programs.  
      Section 6  
      To work with other associations, councils and agencies to design, implement and operate simplified student application procedures for student financial assistance and design a uniform method of determining the ability of the family to pay costs of postsecondary education.  
      Section 7  
      To conduct research, publish reports, hold conferences and otherwise engage in activities which:
  • Help existing programs to become more responsive to federal, regional and state public policy goals and objectives;
  • Encourage the development of new programs as the need arises;
  • Work toward the prevention and elimination of fraud and abuse in student financial aid programs; and
  • Enable the organization to accomplish the objectives set forth in the Article.