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Annual SurveysNASSGAP Annual Surveys    
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47th Annual Survey2015-16 data    
46th Annual Survey2014-15 data    
45th Annual Survey2013-14 data    
44th Annual Survey2012-13 data    
43rd Annual Survey2011-12 data    
42nd Annual Survey2010-11 data    
41st Annual Survey2009-10 data    
40th Annual Survey2008-09 data    
39th Annual Survey2007-08 data    
38th Annual Survey2006-07 data    
37th Annual Survey2005-06 data    
36th Annual Survey2004-05 data    
35th Annual Survey 2003-04 data    
34th Annual Survey2002-03 data    
33rd Annual Survey2001-02 data    
32nd Annual Survey2000-01 data    
31st Annual Survey1999-2000 data    
Annual Surveys 20 to 301988-89 to 1998-99    
Annual Surveys 10 to 191978-79 to 1987-88    
Annual Surveys 1 to 91969-70 to 1977-78