NASSGAP Committees

NASSGAP Executive Committee

  • President

    Elizabeth McDuffie
    North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority

  • Past President

    Rachelle Sharpe
    Washington Student Achievement Council

  • President-Elect

    Jennifer Rogers
    Mississippi Office of Student Financial Aid

  • Secretary

    Jennifer Lanphear
    Finance Authority of Maine

  • Treasurer

    Irala Magee
    Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

  • Treasurer-Elect

    Leroy Wade
    Missouri Department of Higher Education

  • Member-at-Large

    Erin Klarer
    Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority

  • Member-at-Large

    Deena Lager
    Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education

NASSGAP Program Committees

  • Federal Relations

    Elizabeth McCloud, Chair
    Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency

  • Ed Technical Forms

    Donna Thomas, Chair
    Maryland Higher Education Commission

  • Membership Committee

    Katie Harrison, Chair
    South Carolina Higher Education Tuition Grants

  • Web Committee

    Todd Brown, Chair
    Iowa College Student Aid Commission